We strongly believe that every human being, irrespective of color, race or ethnic group deserves our professional service at all times.



To maintain a long lasting image of internationally high standards to all our customers through the dedicated prompt service which our staff members will always strive to achieve.


To maintain strong, working relationships, solid long-term partnerships with other organizations, including those that do not deliver the same goods as ours.



Poo Estates was founded by the owner; Chris Poo in the Orchards, Akasia Pretoria, South Africa.  Not forgetting that he is a professional educator since 1990, it was in 2005 January when everyone was embarking on resolutions of the New Year, when Chris decided to establish the close corporation.  

He worked for thirteen months as an Estate Agent for a nearby Real Estate and later started his own firm within the community after intensive research and major consultation with various stakeholders.

Qualifications of Poo Estates principal:


  • University Diploma in Education,                                                                            
  • B-Tech Degree in Education Management,
  • International certification of Real Estate Association,
  • Certificates in Council of Real Estate Brokerage Managers Program,
  • Customer Care Training,
  • Bookkeeping Training,
  • Strategic Business Management,
  • Performance Leadership,                
  • Financial Planning and Management,
  • Marketing Management,
  • Outcomes- based assessment,
  • National Certificate in Real Estate (NQF LEVEL 5),
  • Certificates in Commercial and Industrial Brokerage,
  • Residential Property Valuation, 
  •  Advanced Certificate in Project Management (Passed with Distinction)


  • Prompt service
    • We pride ourselves in providing prompt and dedicated service to our clients.
  • Excellence
    • We have our facts on our finger tips which encourage us to out perform ourselves at all times.
  • Exemplary
    • We want to set a living example to the upcoming business partners.
  • Ubuntu
    • We will continuously support identified charitable organizations and ensure that they are on par with others.
  • Nation building
    • Our company will ensure that every family is comfortably housed to the maximum of its affordability at all times.




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